Monday, February 12, 2007


The internet is 50 Yuan for 20 minutes about $6.00 and it takes a looong time for photo's. But Nathan and Lisa Smith have a laptop and are able to get wireless in their room so if you'll look to the links on the right you'll see what the group is doing. They even have a few photo's of us in the photo section.
We are now in Guangzhou. It's more American friendly here but life as a tourist is pretty tedious. We have it better than most because we were given an apartment. It's huge, about 2000 sq. ft. So now we can spread out and enjoy some solitude. We have 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, an office, a huge kitchen (no pots or utensils) and a bar! We even have a washer and dryer so we do all the groups laundry which keeps me occupied.
Mia is so cute! She's still got a bronchitis type cough and now has a rash, but she sleeps well and is very smiley and happy. We are loving her and she loves us. We are so thankful. I can't imagine that she belongs to anyone else. For the next two days we will just hang out and try to find stuff to do. We have our US consolate appointment Thursday and will start packing to leave on Friday. Our trip back will be over 24 hours long I know, but I'm prepared for 30 - 36 hours of traveling. We're so ready to get home to our Michaela and Elliott. It's been a hard week knowing they are "left behind".

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yoursonelliott said...

We are ready for you to get home!
I know that I've been away from you all for longer than 17 days and now we talk everday (which didn't happen before) but somehow i feel even more distant.. This "being in china" bit isn't working ha!
Bring Mia home soon!
We miss and love you!
School is becoming harder and harder to focus on! Just one more week! Thank goodness this is a SEMI-SLOW week for me!
Love you guys!