Friday, February 02, 2007

Beijing... FINALLY!

NO pictures yet, but they will be coming soon.
We arrived in Beijing after a 13 hour plane ride (wow, what a miserable ride)and we are pretty wiped out. Our hotel is ver nice, and we are right next to a wal-mart ( not like a U.S. Wal-mart, more like "34 flea markets in one building," says Ethan. Well Beijing is an interesting city with a ton of people.
They mentioned something about smog to us, but when we landed, it is definitely a noticeable thing. It's like a low lying cloud!
We are about to get to bed now (finally!) and we will start our site seeing tomorrow.
Tomorrow we see: Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City, and Summer Palace, as well as several factories I think!
Thank you all so much for the prayers and support, and please continue to do so as we stay here for 2 weeks.
Also pray for Michaela, she has never been away from her parents for a length of time like this. She knows that she must be a "big girl," but I know it's got to be difficult for her.


redmaryjanes said...

How exciting!

Enjoy every minute!

amychriskylie said...

Glad you made is safely! What an exciting day you've had - something most of us will never experience. Take lots of pics, especially of precious Mia - only one more day until you meet her! Will keep you in our prayers.
Love to all,