Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It has been a tremendous day in so many ways. I'll have to give you the brief version because internet time is rare.
First, Mia is warming us so much. She still prefers Mike, but she is loving on me and even said "Ma Ma". We went on an adventure today in the Yunnan provence countryside. We were on a cramped bus for 1 1/2 drive to the famous wonder of the world, "stone forrest". It's a vision kin to the Grand Canyon. The countryside was a site I'm so glad we got to experience. We ate in a little place amoung the mountains. I'll have much to write about this area. I would love to upload photo's of the silk embroidry factory - the children that swarmed the bus, the small farms, the food, the poverty.....It's so much. But do know how much today was to us because Mia is really starting to love us. She's truly 18 months old - her coordination is good and I believe she'll be walking before we get home. She is very smart and cute, but she does know how to throw a fit!
I must hurry - Thank you all so much for responding. It is definitely a world away from Mississippi. One more week to go!

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Jeanine Sosa said...

What an amazing picture of you guys at the stone forest...I'm praying for your safe return and Mia's peace. I feel certain she will respond to all the love surrounding her now, and when she gets to her new home. You guys are amazing! Ethan, you better come by to see me when you get back. Travel safely...Jeanine Sosa