Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daddy's Girl!

Wow! I finally get a moment to post and I don't know where to begin. First, the "gottcha" day was crazy. Last night was just a little tedious but she soon settled in a slept all night until about 5:30. She slept, but I did not. The room was cold and we were instructed to keep them bundled and warm. I was afraid she would smother under so many layers so I kept my hand on her and kept checking to see if she was breathing, just like she were a newborn. I could just imagine something happening to her on the first night and I'd be locked up in prison for life! This morning I went with half the group to buy supplies, while the other half went to apply for the babies passports. There are 5 babies with pneumonia and they had to go back to the orphanages hospital for iv's for an hour. While they were doing that the director of the center gave us a tour and even fed the babies their lunch of "congee". The orphanage is just like the photo I posted earlier except much more buildings are included. The colorful building is the school. We got to tour the dormatories and were impressed with the organization and the cleanliness. They are the control center for about 400 children all ages. About 100 are at the dormatory and the other 300 are in foster care in the surrounding area. Every nanny spoke to Mia and told us little funny things she does. She was living about an hour away from Kunming.
Mia is so sweet. Smiley. She loves to put on a show! I see her really warming up today. We go to a special event dinner tonight and it will be interesting to see all the babies at the dinner table. Please continue to pray that those sick babies get well soon. They are doing well considering.


MississippiZen said...

Your little Mia is adorable! Congrats from another South Mississippi family!!!!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Katri,

Alex says you need to hurry home so he can love on Mia! He says he know that she is soooo ready for him to hold her!! He is very excited about meeting Mia!

He promised to be her friend the other night. He said he did not want her to get home and not have a friend! He can be so thoughtful!

He makes me check the internet everyday for new pictures! So keep them coming!

We love you guys and look forward to MANY years of loving on Mia!! I even had visions of Mia in our youth group years from now... then reality set in and I realized my own children would be there too by that time!!

You are still in our prayers!!

Alex, Kara
Jamie & Bro. Michael