Monday, February 05, 2007

Mia's Here!

I was getting so nervous because Mom hadn't called me and it was 7:43 a.m. here and I had to go to class, but RIGHT when I was leaving the dorm she called.
They're exhausted. They met Mia Grace at about 12 a.m. our time last night and they stayed in this SMALL little cramped up room for about 4 hours! Several of the babies have pneumonia and have to be treated, but Mia is doing GREAT!
She looks beautiful, and now she has a thicker head of hair.
At first she didn't go straight to mom, instead she wanted dad. Mom said that Mia is still "trying to figure her (mom) out" (aren't we all Mia... aren't we all).
It was about 11 o'clock p.m. monday there when mom called me and Mia was still going non-stop.
I had trouble hearing mom with the loud burst of joyful jibberish that came from Mia!
After not-even one day she refers to Dad as " BA BA" (which means daddy)! What a blessing. This little girl's heart is already with us!

P.S. Mom has had ZERO luck posting pictures, however, a couple that is with mom and them is Nathan and Lisa. You can check out the link to their website on the right of this blog. There are some pictures ( one of which mom and Ethan are in the Background of) and Mrs. Lisa has updated her blog quite often.


Anonymous said...

Elliot...Thank you for keeping us all up-to-date as we all waited for your parents & Ethan to be united with Mia. I was looking for info late, late last night, then this morning I was hoping for some news to no avail. Then here it is! YEA!! I can only imagine what joyous confusion filled that room as they bonded for the first hours with Mia. Can't wait to see all fo you all...maybe this summer back in AL or MS.
Love, The Counselman Crew in GA (Sally, Jerry, and Boys)

Kelly said...

Mike, Katri and family,

Congratulations!! I am so glad to hear that Mia is doing well. We are friends of Nathan and Lisa and are praying for all of you. I hope you can get your photos to post soon, so that we can see an updated one of Mia. She is such a cutie pie. Our little guy came home from China in May and I love to follow others as they make this amazing journey.
Many blessings,


mary c. said...

elliot, what would i do without you. i find i hold my breathe until the page finally loads and i see new info. how have you been able to do any concentrating with this going on? i love ya and still miss you. God is so very good!!mary c.

Anonymous said...

Kylie says that she can't wait to see "a picture of that cute baby" she is infactuated with babies! I'm so proud for you - can't wait to hear the story of the first night.
Amy, Chris & Kylie