Friday, December 26, 2008


Still learning the collage process....give me a week and I'll have some pics that include the boys too.
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Mayhem at Nana's

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Christmas 2008

Mia had just as much fun wrapping the presents and playing with the rolls of paper as she did unwrapping them.  Almost.   One present she refuses to play with is an Asian doll.  When she opened it her face went solumn and she quickly threw it to the side.  Normally she loves dolls but she's quick to tell us, "I don't like Ling".  Oh well.  

This year I determined not to carry out the Santa Clause routine.  Also, I broke with the traditional hanging of the Stockings.  Why?  It for me was just more "stuff" to stuff inside.  We have plenty.  They didn't miss them one bit.  Santa will be a bit more difficult to ignore because nearly everyone wants to know what he's brought them.  People will probably think I'm destroying the "magic" for them.  I just want them to have faith not magic.  

Michaela taking her Nana's presents to her on Christmas Eve.  She was beside herself in anticipation of a few surprises, though she had placed her orders weeks ago.  There were a few things she didn't know about.  She was thrilled.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Friday, December 05, 2008


After 2 days with a raging fever, Mia finally emerged again today. Silliness still intact.
I'm thinking its probably 5th disease or Roseolla - who knows but she's no longer the little pile of pitifulness and the spark is back in her eyes. She brings so much joy.