Saturday, February 03, 2007


(email from Mom to Elliott,... She is having trouble logging in to her Blog site... Free thinking and being able to write about it isn't very popular in "The Republic of China.")
Saturday Feb. 3, 2007
We've had a BUSY Saturday and we are exhausted. You wouldn't believe what we've done, seen, heard and eaten today! Ethan has been great- stimulation is endless so his imagination is...well, you know Ethan - nuf said!:-) We will have a little more time at the end of our day tomorow. Today we had zero time on our own - we were out doing the entire time. Authentic everything. We ate Peking Duck for dinner. There was SOOO much food. Food just kept appearing on these Lazy Susan's. It was incredible. If I can get the computer to upload some pictures quicker - I'll come try to in the morning.

Today (Sunday Feb. 4th) we go a church service that is only available to foreigners (it's Christian, and that's why no Chinese are allowed to go). After the church service we will go to The Great Wall.

Must go and start the paper-work process. We've got a few copies and protocols to get ready before we leave here early Monday a.m. I think we leave for the airport about 6:30 a.m. monday and our flight to Kunming is shortly after that. We'll get all our paperwork done before we get Mia -so we'll see her pretty quickly I think Monday. I'll sleep good tonight, but I'll bet we'll be nervous Monday(sunday for you guys)!

After we get beautiful little Mia we should start to slow down and be able to do stuff on our own time. I pray that Mia's heart is getting prepared to leave what she's familiar with and be apart of a family that (although crazy) loves her very much. My prayers are that God has given her a sense of peace.


Anonymous said...

Not only does she have a family who loves her like CRAZY already but a church family as well! Alex and Kara are getting very excited about meeting Mia!!

Alex is asking everyday if there are new pictures to see! This is definitely teaching him to be patient!

We love you all!!
Bro. Michael & Jamie Morgan
Alex and Kara

Nesting For Natalie said...

Praying for your journey!

LID Oct 8, 2005
Referral FEB 1, 2007

mary c. said...

the end of your long wait is in sight. my heart is so full i can hardly contain it. prayers are flying from everywhere. tell ethan, no international incidents!! mia's "auntie mary" can't wait to see her. God's continueing protection on you all and His peace for mia. mary c.