Monday, February 26, 2007

Michaela loves Mia

The weather here is simply delicious. I just want to drink it in. How wonderful the days are passing with Mia's smiles and alertness making us smile along with her. The house is joyous. Isn't it amazing how children can transform any environment?


Ellioturson said...

I miss Michaela and Mia (and I guess the rest of you guys ha) a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi All! I am still enjoying checking your blog to get updates on Mia..and the rest of you, of course. She is precious! We'll be praying as you seek developmental evaluations and target areas that need any special attention. Hope we can meet her before she starts kindergarten...and see how everyone else has "grown up" as well (we won't talk about those of us who are getting more wrinkles and graying! With love from the GA Counselmans.