Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Here I Am!

Mia ran fever early this morning and is congested, and fussy. We've been in the room all morning so we've had a little time to practice our walking. This afternoon we're supposed to get out and sitesee. Maybe even go see some of the children's finding spots.
We miss Michaela terribly! I can't believe it's just been one week since we've been gone. Yes, we are homesick! The trip is unbelievable but hotel life gets really old especially when you can't speak the language. It's pretty hard to just stroll the streets here. Hope everyone is well. Mia is learning so much so fast. I know she will love Michaela! WE MISS YOU!


Dannye said...

she is an absolute doll, and we appreciate you sharing your journey to get her with us waiting families...

mary c. said...

I miss all of you, too. I pray Mia only has a cold. How did our fore-father's stand the long waits for snail mail and land lines? This little angel has touched so many lives already. Good thing God can multi-task. Can't wait to get her into Children's Choir. Do we need to order her shirt now? Tell Ethan to soak up everything asian. God's working on his asian missions, too. love ya little sister, mary c.

Anonymous said...

This picture makes me laugh.. She's got a dimple...
She's so pretty.

Anonymous said...

We miss you all too! Alex is asking me a million questions about why you are sick? So, as I type I am trying to explain to him what it means to be homesick!

We love the new picture of Mia! We are really getting antsy for all of you to be home! Alex and Kara have enjoyed "traveling" with you on this journey! Their hearts are so tender towards Mia and they haven't even met her!

Ethan, I am really missing you at church! You missed a good service last night!! God was moving!

HURRY HOME!!! We love you!!
The Morgans

Anonymous said...

hi everyone. i miss yall. can't wait for mia to come home and of course you too mom dad and ethen.
good night and i love you.

Don & Judy said...

Katri & Mike,
I ams so glad to see your sweet Mia in your arms! She is adorable! I will certainly be praying for you, Mia, and the other babies who have been sick. Have a wonderful time, and safe trip home! We got our referral on 2/1 for Marlee!
God Bless you all!