Thursday, June 22, 2006

A little more confident

This was announced early this morning from China and has me feeling a bit more optimistic that we'll be traveling before Christmas. I don't mind the waiting. It's just the not knowing - not hearing anything except rumors and speculation. If they told me we would be matched in November that would be fine - then we could plan. Well, this mornings referrals leads me to believe it's possible we could be referred between early September and early October and travel between November and December! Yeah!!! because our paper-work (orphan petition with the U.S. Immigration office) will have to be re-done in January. I'm excited. Now I've got to get busy. A baby's on the way.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Getting Ready for a little Girl!

I've decided to focus on the positive aspect of this wait. If there's a little girl entering our household before the year is out (yes - Lord-let it be so!) I must prepare for her. But first, I have to make some decisions! Where do I put her? Will she want a crib? Will I spoil her if I put her in our room? Will I tramatize her if I make her sleep alone? This is why I've not done this quicker. With my pregnancies it was easy - I loved preparing a nursery/crib area. Elliott was our first born and I spent many hours painting and finding just the right theme, blue and brown and teddy bears! Ethan, poor thing, came during our "famine" years, when we were struggling with our new business and lived in a small space. We made his spot in our bedroom, but still I went to lengths to prepare his spot and find the right accessories. Next came our princess Michaela! What a room plan! I even wrote about her nursery and took pictures. So what do I do with our sweet Mia? I need some advice. My first-born is now moving into a college dorm. His upstairs room will only be used for visiting, but no one wants it, Ethan loves his recently redone room. It's definitely masculine and I'd hate to try to change it so soon after we've just painted it a year ago. Michaela's afraid to stay upstairs alone and I don't think it wise to put a baby upstairs. I'd have to walk a long way at night and I'm afraid she would feel isolated. So what about Michaela's room? It's girly - and I could streamline her stuff and put a crib on one wall. But will Mia be able to sleep? Would Michaela be able to sleep? Would we have enough room for her stuff. So....that leaves Mike's & my bedroom. Plenty of room - we have an extra closet and an extra dresser. But will she become too dependent on us and not ever be able to sleep alone? This is my quandry. Can someone give me some advice so I can get busy?