Thursday, October 12, 2006

Quiet before the Storm

We've not had rain in over a month now. Everything is very dry and desolate. I know, October is supposed to be dry for harvest, but this is different. The weather is beautiful, calm and still. Last night there was rumbling and flashing in the distance giving some promise of scattered showers but still no relief for the parched earth.
There's a similar situation with the adoption. No news. Rumors dry and desolate. Weary parents. Just a few rumblings in the distant to keep us hoping this is the quiet before the storm. We always look forward to the end of the month to see how many referrals will be released. I'm especially anticipating this months because another couple from our hometown are expecting theirs. They've been waiting since August 16th, 2005.
Could this be the month that the flood gates open and relieve this barren land of parents? If so, we'll get to see our "little pumpkin's" face in November!

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