Friday, September 01, 2006

Keep on Rollin'

Oh to be in the river of "Denial" is treacherous indeed, but I've now sunk in to the 'ole black waters of Mississippi reality. We've prayed that we would have our Mia before we reached our 12 month anniversary (Sept. 9th) but that's not going to happen. Our best case scenario now is a referral in November and travel in January. There....I've said it out loud. That's been the hardest part - admitting that this process is out of our control. It's just not as simple as signing up for a cruise or tourist adventure. I could try to explain it by politics or supply and demand, but there's no one simple answer. This one thing I do feel certain about. Well, pretty certain because I've learned that at any moment China could close the doors and our daughter would be lost. But, I am going to be here until they do and we will slowly but surely inch our way to the receiving line. Wow, what a reception that will be! Just thought of the old classic song and it's put me in a mood.
"Ole black water,
Keep on roll'in
Mississippi Moon won't you keep on shinin'
Old black water,
Keep on roll'in
Mississippi Moon won't you keep on shinin on me
Keep on shinin' your light
Gonna make everythin'
Sweet Mama gonna make everythin' all right
And I aint in a hurry,
cause aint got no worries at all."

Rollin Slow but at least I'm not on "deNile"!!!

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