Sunday, May 20, 2007

If you're looking for "Jesus" in Guangzhou...

I'm constantly amazed at the responses I get from this blog and feel so guilty that I'm not able to update more. But here's a quick response to the person from China that recently left a comment to "Purple Palace".

No, I'm not Chinese. I'm from the South part of the USA, Mississippi. We are delighted to have been given the chance to receive one of China's beautiful little girls, and orphan from Kunming. She is daily brightening our lives. I share our story for friends, family and all who care to read. I'm often floundering for words and embarassed to make so many grammatical errors. I have no time to write much less edit! So please accept my apologies.

We did not meet Jim C., from the Passion of the Christ, while we were in China. He and his wife were there, though, at the same time as we and another couple in our group had the opportunity to speak with him and snap his photo. You can find that photo if you look at my side-bar and click on Nathan and Lisa's web site. Scroll down through their journal and you should see the story titled "Jesus in Guangzhou".

I am honored to meet each and everyone of my faceless readers. Thank you for being so generous with my blunders. I will have more time to update Mia's progress after this week. School's out for the summer!

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