Saturday, May 05, 2007

Born Again

We're celebrating Mia's 3rd month in our family today. On February 5th of this year, the child we'd been holding in our hearts for 2 years was finally in our arms. Looking back on that strange day, I can tell now she was tired, scared and very confused. I can't imagine what stress she was feeling. I know that I probably scared her to death grabbing her and telling her over and over, "I'm your Mama! I'm your Mama!" She was smiley and curious, but was insistent that I not touch her. I could only feed her cheerios and hand her toys. For a few days I was concerned she may be hard of hearing. She would not respond to noises. But now I'm certain that she had just had too much overstimulation and was just zoning out to keep from freaking out. This little girl who is so active now was then almost completely passive. She stayed put where placed. She wouldn't even wiggle when her diaper was changed. At night she never moved either. Gone are those days. Now she is everywhere! I am amazed how choked up I get remembering our little Kunming girl on this gotcha day. How one life can affect so many others. Though Mia is 20 months old, she now has to celebrate two birthdays, the day she was born into this world and the day she was born into our family. My prayer is that she will add another date to her life's calendar and be adopted into yet another family, the family of God.

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