Monday, April 09, 2007

Progress is Good? Right?

For the past three weeks we’ve had a Physical Therapist come as part of an Early Intervention Program to help Mia get caught up in walking and crawling. The first week was almost as painful for me as it was her. She struggled to get up from her belly onto her knees and push up on her arms from her chest. If she did manage to assume the correct crawling position she would soon fall flat and sprattle-legged. Lauren, her therapist, showed me correct ways to help her during the week. The whole crew has been praising her as she stands from a seated position, as she takes a few steps and as she squats to pick things up from the floor. For too long she has been content to let us do things for her. It was apparent that she was not progressing and that she needed to be pushed to do things for herself. During one session, Lauren saw that Mia wanted an object and pushed it further out of her reach, wanting her to go for it. Mia looked to me to help her out, but I was only to cheer her on. She became furious and soon was throwing a tantrum. For ten minutes she raged and I could only sit by and watch. I left the room at one point, frankly to get my composure, and she quieted down. It was obvious a lot of her anger was focused on me. I am her helper, why wasn’t I helping her? Since then I think Mia has begun to see me in a different light and not demand me to do so much for her. I struggle with that. I want to ease her pain, but in so doing I am preventing her from becoming stronger. Therapy is helping me a lot too! We’ve seen Mia progress tremendously in just the past few days even. Lauren came today and was amazed at what she can do. As I was cooking in the kitchen and Mike was watching her, he motioned me into the living room. Mia had cruised around the room and had started climbing the staircase. She was half-way up! This afternoon Michaela wanted to hide Easter eggs (we’d never got around to it yesterday L) and Mia was pulling away from my fingers, which she usually grasps tightly, and walking in the cushy grass long distances. Kitchen cabinets are now of great interest also! Oh my, progress is awesome but are we ever fully prepared for the consequences? I am amazed at the confidence that has come to Mia almost overnight. Maybe, just maybe she’ll want to sleep tonight. Please Mia? Please!


Scott and Dena said...

This was such a great post for me to read! We returned home a month ago with our now 11 month old. I won't go into all of the details, but just wanted to say thank you for your insight and lessons from therapy. It really made me think through some things we are experiencing and how I might change things up a bit.
Oh, and Mia is precious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katri and All!

How fun it is to "follow" you with Mia's assimilation into her new family. I loved reading your insights in the last post and the updates on this one. Katri, you are such a wise woman and I can feel your thoughts almost as I share about what wondering what's going on in Mia's little mind. It would drive me nuts I think trying to figure out what she is going through, thinking, how to help her, etc....but that's when we also rely on a Sovereign God! Your insights as you've observed her with various types/ages of people show your wisdom as well! Does make you wonder..... Oh, and I got teary just reading about you watching her/having to leave the room during therapy! are right, you must let her do it. That's the only way she will grow and look what a huge hurdle forward she made from how you handled that situation.

Praying that you all will sleep better tonight!
Love, Sally for the Stone Mountain Crew

Anonymous said...

Gosh.. I can't look at too many pictures of the precious baby, because it makes me want to come home... I haven't even been gone a week yet!
Love and Miss you all,

Anonymous said...

Hello to All!
I've been biting at the bit waiting for an update.....thanks for the insight and keeping us posted into your world. I can't wait to see her!
Kylie is estatic about Michaela coming to see her this weekend as I hear about it daily - "how many more days mom?"
Continue the updates as they are a blessing to us all.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Katri & Mike, how wonderful to hear about how Mia is progressing. Your experience reminds me of the story of the cocoon with the butterfly struggling to get out. Some one took tiny scissors and clipped the cocoon and the butterfly got out. But the wings did not develop. The struggle makes the wings develop so the butterfly can fly. So it is with us, our struggles make us stronger. It is difficult to stand by and watch our children struggle, fall and make mistakes. But in so doing, they learn and become stronger individuals. We are indeed their cheerleaders. God is so good!! Love you, Uncle Bill and Aunt Sylvia