Saturday, April 28, 2007

Daddy Day-Care & other strange happenings

These past two weeks I’ve gone back to school. Mia is enjoying time hang’in with Dad. It’s been more an adjustment for me, I think, but Mike has had to make some adjustments too. He goes to the store and tries to deal with the paperwork as quickly as possible and then runs his errands. They are home by 10:30 or 11:00 and she’s down for nap till almost I’m home at 4 p.m. She greets me with a squeal and hugs and kisses me. She is so loving. Elliott will be home mid week from MSU and will take his turn bonding with Mia. I’ll be able to take some half-days and finish up my school year in just a couple more weeks. It’s been really nice to know Mia is enjoying time with her Dad and that Elliott, too, will be able to have his time as well. She seems to know who she belongs to and who’s stranger.

We finally finished her room. For many months I would not dare think of a nursery. I claimed it was because I didn’t know her age and couldn’t buy a crib. But actually I think I just was afraid that it never would happen. Well now our arms are full and we have a beautiful baby who needs her space in the household too. Once again the maternal instincts have kicked in and have demanded the nest be fluffed. What fun I’ve had pulling together this niche. We’ve moved Ethan upstairs to share with Elliott, while Michaela has moved over and has and bright purple palace fit for a princess. Our Mia now has pale pink walls adorned with ladybugs and her Chinese calligraphy. We’ve even put in new carpet and it feels wonderful.
At Christmas-time we weren’t sure we would have our baby or not and now our life is complete. She is walking, talking and is so vivacious and alert. Her sleep pattern is beginning to settle down a bit. We attribute much of her nighttime awakenings to her teething. She is 20 months old now and is now cutting eye-teeth. We are so pleased with her progress and you she see how pleased with herself she is too! With every new step forward she seems to be so eager to learn more. We are especially glad that her relationship with Michaela is starting to blossom. They are really loving each other’s attention now.

I've tried twice to load photo's. I HATE DIAL-UP! I'll get them all ready to upload and wait...wait...wait...for an hour then I'm disconnected. UGGHHH! One more try later this evening. Sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Yippee - an update!! We would love to see pics of the girls room - it sounds like you've changed the color of Michaela's room also. I know you will be glad to be home for the summer - what a blessing to be able to have the summer to confirm with Mia her true "family!" Kylie misses Michaela - I promise we're coming home soon....
Take care and love you,