Saturday, March 10, 2007

Musical Mia

We noticed pretty quickly that Mia was familiar with music. She clapped her hands within a few days of getting her so I knew she'd been exposed in some way. Her love for music is something our family enjoys nurturing. Already she's got quite a repetoir developing. Her favorites, please don't blame her, she's not been able to pick these herself, are "Barbara Ann" from the Beach Boys and "Clap Your Hands All Ye People". We are working on "Put Your Little Foot" and an original composed by me! I love to sing little ditties to her like: "Mia Yunzhu, Mia Yunzhu, I love you, I love you. You're my precious daughter, you're my precious daughter, I love you, I love you" sung to the tune of "Are you Sleeping". Yes, I know, not real original, but she's learning her name and she's especially cute when she drops everything to rock and clap along. Wednesday is children's choir night so we've been going and listening in on Michaela and the others as they learn a new musical called "Praise Rocks". Mia, who's usually napping at this time, decided to wake up, and raised her arms charismatically as she sang along.
Others are helping to cultivate her musical talent too. Her Nana bought her the little toy piano in the above photo. She's hilarious when giving her performances. They get better and better with each practice session. Elliott, too, is in on the lessons. He's home for a week now for spring break. Often they sit at the "big" piano singing and playing away. There's a song in our hearts that has replaced those empty days and silent days of waiting.

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Anonymous said...

Hey There!
Just an FYI - I have tried to view the pics on a few different computers thinking that my work computer could have blocked the pics for some reason, but it won't let me view them stating that I have to join MSN in order to view them - didn't know if anyone else was having the same problem. Hope you are all having a fun weekend with Elliott home on Spring Break. The weather is absolutely BEAUTIFUL here - about 72 degrees and sunny. Kylie's Spring Break will be the first week of April - can't wait for a few days off with her - We're headed up to Hot Springs with two other couples and their kids so it should be fun! Glad Mia is doing well - Mom adores her!
Love to all,