Sunday, December 31, 2006

Maybe he'll sign-off on our papers soon

...this post is taken directly from the CCAA's website - it rarely changes so it was nice to see some activity. Our friend Sheila and her husband just got back with their new daughter, Anna. They are doing great and give me hope that the wait does end in time. I pray that "Everything is indeed for the Children."

New Year Greeting

Date of Post:December,31 2006  Source:CCAA

As the light of springtime emerges gradually, it is a fresh start for all living things. With the advent of the New Year, I would like to, on behalf of the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA), thank leaders of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, related departments and fellow institutes for the concern and care you have given to CCAA, thank all governments of receiving states and adoption organizations for the sincere trust and good cooperation we have received from you, thank all circles of society for your warm support and deep-felt care to the orphans and handicapped children in China. We wish you have a harmoniously life, good health, happy family and good luck in everything in the forthcoming year.

Packing off 2006 which is full of achievements and fruits, we welcome 2007 which is full of hope. The CCAA will continue to follow the principle of “everything for the children”, develop the inter-country adoption work in China towards the direction of being more consistent with international convention, being more reasonable with the reality in China, working harder in accordance with law and regulations and making a better protection of the rights and interests of children and contribute more for the orphans and handicapped children to make sure that they can grow up healthily and happily in the same world and under the same blue sky!

                      Director General of CCAA:Luying
                          December 31, 2006

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Anonymous said...

Katri, You and the family are in my prayers. Hope Mia will be here soom. I am so proud of you for allowing this precious little girl to come into your home. She truely is a blessing. Lynn