Friday, December 15, 2006

Hark the Herald is quiet

No, I don't feel guilty for not sending out Christmas cards this year. Every year Mike begins to sift through the ever increasing display of the yule-tide greetings, photo's and newsletters and I know he's thinking, "When are our cards going out?" Well, I refuse to be bluffed this year. In fact, I am quite staunch in my resolve to hold out on cards until the news of our referral comes. I have visions of a grand announcement in the New Year.
The heavens were silent for some 300 years prior to the coming Messiah. But upon Jesus' birth heaven burst open and out flowed The Word. His arrival was heralded in majestically. Words alone were not enough. Only the serafs and angels could do justice to this miraculous event. I've spent my entire life trying to understand His impact upon my being.
How inadequate I feel to describe our wait for this child. How empty our world feels knowing that we cannot predict the timing. We mortals love to be in control, yet our dominion is an illusion. Peace is found knowing that His love is perfect and in the fullness of time His plan will be completed. Our family is blessed to have been given this opportunity. Another life to enrich our path. God's fullness is limitless. We can not begin to imagine the things He has planned for each of us. My prayer is that, like the serafs, we reflect at least some of His splendor.

Soon a plane will carry packages from the China Center of Adoption Affairs containing the dossiers of many children already matched with a family. Once they are delivered to the different agencies, it will take several days to deliver the bundles of joy. Some agencies are anticipating referrals to come right before Christmas, some right after and some the first week of the New Year. I can hardly think of this time now without having my chest tighten and I can't imagine how I will hold up when it actually happens. If I could blow a trumpet to proclaim our delight, I would! The phones will ring and the blog will post. Stay tuned......Whenever we get the news that we have a child, the heralding will begin!

Silent Night, Holy Night
All is calm, all is bright
'Round yon virgin, Mother and Child
Holy enfant, so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace


Lisa said...

The Herald is quiet over here as well...just didn't seem right to send out the Christmas letter ANOTHER year without our babe's picture included. So as much as I hate to be "late", well, our fans will just have to receive a belated note. :)

Lynn said...

Amen... My prayers are with you and your sweet, long awaited child.