Friday, December 25, 2009

What a Day to Celebrate!

Even though we are missing Elliott, our oldest son, we have enjoyed a day visiting with him via our Skype webcam.
Mia wanted a new bike, tricycle, this year for Christmas. I was glad to oblige because the last little one she'd gotten two years ago she'd worn the tires out. She preferres to play outside and not with dolls. She has been pulling a laundry hamper around with any kind of rope, string or ribbon she could find, so when Nana asked what to get her this year we immediately thought of a wagon. Merry Christmas to all who still hange4 around and I hope that you'll drop me a comment or two.
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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you! Today we are together all of us - ten people in Mom´s small appartment! Eating turkey.... Having lots of fun. The cousins enjoying each others company and Aunt Lena supervising.... :-)

//Lena - today in Vetlanda for the holidays....

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a wagon for Christmas, she looks to be in heaven. I think we wore out a few wagons ourselves. Tammy A.