Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pishin' with Daddy

Every day Mike takes Mia fishing. She loves the outdoors, her Daddy, and feeding the ducks almost as much as she does reeling in the inevitable catch. I am hoping to join her more this next week as school's on Spring Break. I need a little color on my white legs and Michaela and I have a lot of relaxin' to do before the final push for summer.

This year is clicking along so fast. Mia speaks in sentences now. It's amazing how much she's learned in one year. Now we're focusing on her self control. Do we ever get through working on self? She's still quite headstrong and many a screaming fit this girl can throw. Her potty training is going slowly but surely.

We've almost fininished the final steps of the paperwork. Our final homestudy report has just been sent to Beijing so this means that the social worker will not have to visit again. Yeah! We are almost done with her "re-adoption" paperwork, which means that we'll petition our local court here for her to obtain a Mississippi Birth Certificate. Our little girl from China is growing up a southern girl "fur sure!"


Guhn said...

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Anonymous said...

How cute and excited she is!! I am so glad she loves the outdoors. Mom said that she hates bees - ha! At least she is not terrified of the MS state bird - the mosquito :-)
Hope all is well with everyone. Summer is right around the bend and you will get to enjoy that precious time with her. My baby turns 7 today - time sure does fly by!!!
Love to all,

Kazilar said...

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Dumuro said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Cuz!!! Mia is sure growing up to be a beautiful little girl!!! Keeping her family on the run, as well. Your 2nd Cuz turns 43 on Sat...seems like yesterday he was Mia's age!!!

From your California Cousin, Sherry Counselman