Monday, February 04, 2008

Celebrating Our First Year Together

This time last year we were meeting our babies in Kunming, China for the first time. It was chaotic and surreal. This was the day Mia was born into our family and we will celebrate February 5th (well it's already the 5th in China!) as a special day forever. How blessed we were to share this day with another family that recieved twins. All three were placed with the Kunming Childrens Welfard Institute and share the same last surname, Guan, given to them by their orphanage director (because of the area of town they were found.) They will hopefully grow up knowing they are not alone in the world and that this life is full of hope, mercy and grace, if we search for it.


Elliott said...

The girls have grown a lot!
Mia is so pretty. Everytime I see a new picture of her she has changed so much!
can't wait to see you all!

The Young's said...

She is SO beautiful!!! How precious to look back. It's amazing how time flies! I know...we've been home 7 months and I just can't believe that!!! Well...Mia is precious!! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

How she has changed from her pics a year ago! I know she is blessed by having such a loving family and you are blessed by having her into your (our) family. Hope to see all of you soon!