Sunday, October 21, 2007

Little Pumpkins

There's just no end to the words Mia is speaking now. She's sometimes even putting two words together, especially when it's to command our dog, Abbie, to sit...down...DON'T! Mia continues to speak her "Chinese jibberish". You'll swear she's speaking her native tongue, but alas, how can that be? Today in the Chinese restaurant she eyed someone at another table and proceeded to introduce her family to them. Her social skills have improved tremendously. She even stays in the nursery "alone" at church and is quite happy.


Ma said...

Goodness sakes, she just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Here in Sunny Portland [snark], our Little Princess is still doing the spider crawl, and speaking very little. Howling, now THAT she can do! Esp for food. :)

Anonymous said...

How cute is she!?!?! I hear a different "Mia Story" every week from Mom. She really brightens her life.
I can't wait to spend some time with all of you at Thanksgiving. We're gearing up for our Annual Halloween Party on Wednesday!
Hug and Kiss Michaela and Mia for us!
Love to all,

Pablo and Esther said...

Hello friends!!

Mia looks RADIANT as usual.

The story of the Chinese restautante is soooo beautiful, I love very much the fact of knowing that she still keeps in her soul the essence of her roots.

We miss all of you, and from Tallahassee we wish you an extraordinary and happy Halloween Day.


Pablo and Esther :0)