Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Two-year olds are notoriously possessive. Mia is no different. I don't even think anyone taught her to say it, but if you dare touch her space or her stuff, beware! We've gotten quite good at labeling everything for her and speaking in noun/verb sentences. "Go, potty." "Bye-Bye truck"....you know she's catching on very, very quickly. She's even managed to embarrass me in church the other night by announcing and pinching her Mama's "boobies". Now who had to go and label those for her?
We have our 6-month homestudy this Friday. Six-months with her have passed so quickly. Waiting was torturous. Six months waiting was an eternity and we begged for it to pass. Now I want to hold onto the time with her as our baby. We are all loving her funny little mannerism and cuteness.
School begins tommorrow and God has be gracious to answer my prayer. Mike will keep Mia.

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