Tuesday, January 02, 2007

This time tomorrow

My last day at home before school starts and I've tried to stay busy. Finished packing away all the decorations and nicely tidied the house. Michaela and I dashed off for one last shopping jaunt just to pick up a few necessities and have her baby-doll "check-up" at the local mall. Anything to keep our minds occupied. While we were there I bumped into someone I've been wanting to meet for along time. We've spoken on the phone a few times. She's a veteran adoptive mom and waiting again for her third girl from China. If you believe in coincidences then it was no big deal, but for us finally to meet on the eve of referrals is a blessing to me. She was with her two daughters trying to pick up a few clothes for their waiting child. They've requested a girl around age 6-7.

I've found out from another agency that referrals had landed in Los Angeles this afternoon and people on the West Coast have started getting their calls. I expect our agency to open up tomorrow and I think DHL (the carrier) will deliver before noonish. I'll be on pins and needles by 3 p.m. I'll freak out if I've not heard anything by 5 p.m. Please pray that we won't be forgotten. I've seen alot of sad stories in the past 15 months. Families that have sat by the phone and it rings only to say the worst. It is rare, but it is possible.

But there's a God in heaven who watches out for us and I pray His love and care will provide.

Thank you to all who wait with us.

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