Wednesday, July 26, 2006

All of July in July?

With only a few more days left in this month, I am still praying that the CCAA will release referrals for all those logged in last July. If they will only get through more than half the month it will be a Godsend! What anticipation, what frustration, what helplessness we feel not knowing anything but bits and pieces from across the globe. Disjointed morsels of information that the CCAA has told to select individuals. Rarely any public statement.
Our family is doing well though. I try to keep the moments of insanity to a minimum as-far-as the wait is wearing on me. I'm the only one on the internet, so they rely on me to tell them what's going on. Everyday I give my husband and kids the same story, "looks like we may hear soon" or "rumors are flying the we may have all of July done in July." One thing is for certain, it took a almost a whole year of a rumored CCAA move before it actually occured. Last October or so, people heard that the CCAA was scheduled to make a physical move to another building across town (Beijing). All year long we've speculated when, where, how, what? Finally, this month, the month that the wait has reached 13 months for many, they've moved. No word from anyone, only those that are actually seeing boxes packed. Yes, it has put things behind schedule but we don't know for how long. Some families have been waiting for Travel Approval since June 28th!
Still our family is doing well. We speak more and more of Mia. Will she be afraid or calm? Will she sleep? Will she laugh at Ethan's antics? Finally, I've cleared our closet in our Master Bedroom and our dresser. Mike and I will share our walk-in in our bath and I placed two small chests in there for us. Ethan donated his toybox and I've got it and a few other things in the closet ready. Now for the crib and linens. I'm ready to start packing.
School starts next week for me and the kids go back August 7th. If we get our Mia's referral in September we will probably travel in November. Peking turkey Thanksgiving!