Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"The Sound of Silence"

January is supposed to be a reflective month anyway, but this year was ridiculous! Last year we took the family on the Carnival Cruise to contemplate this adoption and the whirlwind began. We were extremely busy getting all the mountains of documents ordered, prepared, and authorized. Now .....nothing....silence. Except........the clatter of my fingers on the keyboard. My nightly ritual is now to check the message boards of yahoo to see what's the latest news. You see, I'm on about 5 yahoo groups. We talk about how we are preparing for this baby, we give and listen to advice, we share news stories and photos of our nurseries. The ladies and a few gentlemen even open gifts on "cybershowers" we oooh and aahh over this months referral pictures. This months referrals! What an awesome time it is as child-less couples are greeted by fed-ex with these little ones they've long for for so long! I'm now good friends it seems with a blessed Christian woman named Edi. She shared her story with us all how her relative prayed for her to marry a Christian man only a few years ago and as he prayed a blessing for God to bless her with a man he prayed also that she be blessed with children. Edi is now the proud mom of a two year old daughter that was conceived around the same time as this prayer was voiced. You can see this same story at http://www.christianadoptionmoms.com/article_godsredthread.html I am just overwhelmed at the blessings I am receiving from these groups. Our agency received 39 babies (ages 7 mo. to 23 months - Edi's). We are praying that referrals will begin to speed up after Chinese New Year. It seems that this holiday goes on for about 2 weeks and closes everything down. Please-Please pray that AWAA groups 214 - 219 will get referrals next. We are group 230 and if the groups stay together by months we should know who our baby is by May or June! The sound of silence is deafening!


Doug and Edi Sowers said...

Katri! I'm amazed and blessed that you shared our story on your blog! What a privilege! Thanks for sharing the website. I pray it blesses others....Edi

Eileen said...

Katri are you out there????? I'd love to hear an update from you!

Your fellow AWAA'er