Saturday, December 31, 2005

Why are we Blogging?

Hello family and friends and Happy New year! We've never been good about corresponding or even picking up the phone, for that matter, but we feel that an event like the one we're "fixin" to go through...well it's gonna be worth the effort. Our prayer is that during the next few months, as we go through this waiting phase of the adoption, we can answer your questions and receive your comments. But more importantly, as we travel to China and get our daughter, we will be able to send update messages and photo's to everyone quickly and easily! Please keep us in your prayers and let us hear from you.


Chris Liverett said...

Hi Katri,
It's Chris and Richard! It was so nice to hear about your soon to be growing family. We are very excited for you and cant wait to see pics of your lovely Mia. Thanks for keeping in touch with us, we are lousy at it. Neither one of us is working on phd yet, nor are we teaching gifted, but I am working on a paper with Read that we are going to present at AERA in San fransisco, so thats fun. anyway, keep on keeping in touch and we will keep blogging!

Chris Liverett said...

hey pplz! frum ClAiRe

Anonymous said...

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